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5 MIN|11 Jul 2022|Seafood

New Zealand shellfish…shucking delicious!

5 MIN|11 Jul 2022|Seafood

New Zealand shellfish…shucking delicious!

Article - Seafood shellfish image

More than 3,600 different shellfish species live in our waters, including some that can only be found here. Not only do we produce some of the most delicious shellfish in the world, we also produce some of the most sustainable. A 2021 study found that our farmed Greenshell mussels and Pacific oysters have some of the lowest carbon footprints of all animal proteins, similar to that of tofu .

Luscious clams from the wild surf

Small in size and big on taste, clams are a delicacy favoured for their texture and flavour. Cloudy Bay Clams produce some of the most consistent and delicious surf clams in the world. They’re harvested from the turbulent, phytoplankton-rich waters of Cloudy Bay and rugged Foxton Bay using a highly specialised harvesting technique that doesn’t impact the fragile marine environment the clams live in and ensures perfect clams are landed with zero by-catch every time. This way they can guarantee their surf clams have the amazing taste and texture that only comes from the rich, rough surf zone.

Moreish mussels rich in flavour and nutrients

Plump and richly flavoured, the New Zealand Greenshell mussel is truly one of a kind and sure to delight every seafood-loving consumer. Endemic to New Zealand, it’s high in protein, low in fat, and contains five kinds of Omega 3, as well as essential minerals selenium, iodine and iron. With a distinctive green shell, these succulent and meaty mussels differ naturally in colour with apricot (female) and cream (male) both having the same exquisite flavour.

Greenshell mussels are grown on suspended ropes supported by floats, a natural and environmentally friendly technique that produces mussels that are fatter and more tender than those from the wild.

Talley’s farms their Greenshell mussels in the clean waters of Tasman Bay and the Marlborough Sounds at the top of the South Island. They’re processed within just a few hours of being plucked from their pure ocean environment to ensure their freshness and flavour is at its best.

Article - Seafood Shellfish image

Creamy oysters for any occasion

Farmed naturally in harbours mainly around the North Island, New Zealand Pacific oysters are deep shelled and evenly shaped with plump meat that’s full of fresh, crisp flavours and a sweet creamy finish. They’re high in protein and a great natural source of zinc – crucial for a strong immune system.

Moana New Zealand’s wild oyster farms are located across Aotearoa, from the pure silica sands of the far north in Parengarenga to the secluded bays in the sunshine capital of Nelson. Their Pacific oysters perfectly capture the freshness and vitality of the waters they are harvested from, with cool and nutrient-rich waters growing plump oysters with a fresh, clean taste. In these untainted waters, what nature provides is more than enough so there’s no need for any additional feeding.

If you’re looking for something really special, you can’t go past Bluff Oysters. A prized delicacy that’s only available from March to August, some say Bluff oysters are the finest in the world.

Bluff Oysters are grown slowly in the cold clean waters of the Foveaux Straight, between the South Island and Stewart Island. Their creamy coloured, delicate and succulent meat reflects the vitality of ‘The Strait’ - a place that’s notorious for howling westerly winds and strong currents.

Prized pāua selected by hand

While some may know the blue Pāua (or Abalone) for its iridescent shell with tones of blue, purple and green, it’s the clear white meat with an almost steak-like flavour that’s favoured by many.

Moana New Zealand’s pāua kahurangi (blue abalone) is fed from the cool, clean waters of Bream Bay at the top of the North Island. The superior water supply here, rich in natural nutrients is what gives Moana’s pāua their revered subtle taste and firm texture.

Unique to New Zealand, the Blackfoot Pāua (New Zealand Abalone) is hand harvested by experienced free divers from our pristine southern coastline. That’s right, every single Blackfoot Pāua is picked by hand from the sea floor. Plus, there’s strict limits on catch quantities and size to keep populations healthy. Its firm, meaty flesh is white with a black covering and prized for its tenderness and savoury, sea flavour. The perfect solution for a bespoke menu offering.

Create a culinary experience with New Zealand shellfish. Make an enquiry now to select your pick of the crop.