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Nature is the best producer of food, no question. And with nature's best growing conditions here in our unspoiled corner of the world, we produce beef and lamb that tastes amazing, naturally pure and delicious. Just as nature intended. Our animals graze freely and happily here, on wide open spaces brimming with lush, green grasses year-round. Our farmers work hand in hand with nature and are committed to raising animals humanely, which results in our animal disease-free status recognised by the World Organisation for Animal Heath. New Zealand farmers are working hard towards a sustainable future too, with the sheep and beef sector aiming to become carbon neutral by 2050. Alongside our world-class beef and lamb products, New Zealand is the leading worldwide source for farm-raised venison, and we also supply top-quality veal, goat meat and poultry. Almost a quarter of New Zealand's beef and lamb exports are Halal-certified, and our leading meat exporters work closely with their international partners to create products perfectly suited to local tastes and cuisines.

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