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From beer and cider to spirits, natural juices, soft drinks and sparkling water, New Zealand beverages have firmly secured their reputation around the world as top-quality products. Like all our New Zealand products, our beverage difference starts with naturally pure ingredients, and it doesn't get any purer than artesian water bottled at the source. We deliver refreshing spring water to international customers with only the lightest of touches – including the world's first carbon-neutral certified premium water brand. Ever the innovators, our producers draw upon a combination of neuroscience and nature to create a range of functional beverages, including plant-based nootropic drinks designed to boost brain function and the immune system, with ingredients such as New Zealand pine bark, blackcurrants, and chia seeds. New Zealand's premium spirits scene is thriving with our gins, rums and vodkas being routinely awarded at international competitions. And our full-flavoured, artisan craft beers, powered by unique local hop varieties and brewing expertise, are finding their way to lovers of fine beer around the world.

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