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New Zealand's milk products come from a good place. Our rich soils, climate and abundant water create the perfect environment for pasture-fed dairy cows, with space to roam. It's our quality and care at every step that sets our dairy apart. We are passionate about sharing our full-flavoured and nutritious dairy products with the world. We produce everything from butter, cheese and ice cream through to infant formula. And we're also proud to offer our premium sheep and goat milk products – with all the goodness and trusted quality of our traditional dairy industry. New Zealand dairy farmers are deeply committed to caring for people, animals and land. Our pasture-based farming, with high biosecurity standards, means a lower carbon footprint for our milk, and it helps our animals to stay healthy. We pride ourselves on our rigorous hygiene, food safety and quality standards, and we are home to the first dairy company in the world to be able to electronically trace products anywhere on the planet within minutes.

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