PG Article NZ beverages
5 MIN|11 Jul 2022|Packaged Goods


5 MIN|11 Jul 2022|Packaged Goods


PG Article NZ beverages
From function to fad

From sugar-free juices to sports drinks containing non-traditional ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, fibres, probiotics, and added fruits, it’s probably no surprise that more healthy drinks are hitting Australian shelves than ever before, considering the steady year-on-year growth the country’s AU$451 million sector has experienced in recent years.

And with COVID-19 supercharging Australian demand for immunity- and cognition-boosting, as well as gut-friendly products, New Zealand is in the driver’s seat to offer retailers and hospitality vendors some innovative premium beverage products to health-conscious Australians.

Pure brilliance – direct from the source

“At Almighty, we make drinks for a modern, balanced lifestyle – we want to replace unhealthy, sugary drinks with delicious, healthy alternatives that don’t trash the environment.”

Ben Lenart

Co-Founder, Almighty

For Māori, water is the essence of all life, akin to the blood of Papatuanuuku (Earth mother) who supports all people, plants and wildlife. 

But more than water itself, the carefully harvested, health-promoting ingredients and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes means New Zealand’s functional beverage brands stand head and shoulders above the competition.

New Zealand is recognised around the world as having some of the purest health–promoting ingredients in its backyard. From genuine artesian water bottled at the source to the infusion of clean Indigenous ingredients such as pine bark, blackcurrants, and chia seeds, innovative New Zealand producers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to supercharge the health benefits of their products and protect the environment in the process.

Plant-powered health

Aotearoa supports an abundance of edible plants containing incredible health-promoting benefits. From the powerful antioxidant properties of the Kawakawa and the antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties of Manuka honey, to the skin rejuvenation effects of Horopito, New Zealand abounds with edibles that can be used to elevate the health properties of its beverages.

People who’ve grown to love Eden Orchards' 100% pure cherry juice realise the powerful health benefits contained in each bottle. Packed with the juice from more than two kilograms of the world’s tastiest cherries, each bottle is a liquid promise of better sleep, faster workout recovery and relief from arthritis, inflammation and gout.

Formed by husband-and-wife team Scott Smith (medical herbalist and naturopath) and Helen Paul-Smith, ŌKU NZ has also harnessed the power of Aotearoa’s native flora in its range of sustainably produced teas, elixirs and balms. Striving to be the best kaitiaki (guardians) of the environment – from how they harvest the plants, right through to the plastic-free packaging and business operations ­– ŌKU NZ was finalist in the NZ Artisan Awards 2021 food and beverage category for its commitment to ethically sourced ingredients and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Be calm, think clear with liquid brain food

“My first job after university was selling energy drinks, which I didn’t really agree with... I had also lost a friend to mental health and grandparents to brain-related illness and started to think, why am I selling caffeine and sugar? Why can’t we make a drink for your brain that is natural, caffeine-free, helps reduce stress while enhancing mental performance, AND good for cognition in the long term?”

Angus Brown

Co-Founder & CEO, Ārepa

Life in the fast lane: we’ve all been there. In trying to keep up in today’s fast-paced world, people are chasing products that will give them a boost.

That’s why Ārepa’s world-leading neuroscientist created the world’s smartest liquid brain food. Containing ingredients like neuroberry blackcurrants rich in polyphenols and Vitamin C and New Zealand pine bark extract traditionally used to treat ADHD, their innovative drinks are 100% natural and caffeine-free and appeared in a study in the open-access journal Antioxidants.

A thirst for giving back

The team at Almighty take their responsibility for helping people and the environment very seriously. That’s why they decided to make juice that not only makes people feel good but preserves the environment and contributes positively to the next generation.

Supporting Edible Education programmes in schools has been a significant part of Almighty’s story. Working with partners to empower children to grow, harvest, prepare and share great food by taking learning out of the classroom and into the garden and kitchen is the most satisfying part of what they do.

New Zealand producers are continually finding innovative ways to bottle the magic of its powerful, health promoting ingredients. Make an enquiry today.

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