PG Young at heart
2 MIN|11 Jul 2022|Packaged Goods

Young at heart. Wise in nature.

2 MIN|11 Jul 2022|Packaged Goods

Young at heart. Wise in nature.

PG Young at heart

New Zealand has special connections to land and sea: a relationship founded on care and respect, and an understanding that when nature thrives, we all thrive.

To honour its timeless connection to the taiao (environment), New Zealand packaged goods producers are raising the bar when it comes to the country’s commitment to sustainability, traceability and recycling.

Seeing through the convenience of packaging

Packaging has brought much to our modern lifestyle, preserving the integrity of food products, extending shelf life, and allowing ease of transport.

Australians are some of the most motivated in the world to act on climate change, ranking higher than the UK, US and Sweden on consumer willingness to act on environmental and sustainability challenges.1 36% of Australian consumers prefer to buy reusable or recyclable packaged goods, and 34% would prefer to buy goods that are cruelty- and chemical-free. 23% prefer organic products, and a further 20% would purchase foodstuffs that have been produced by companies with sustainability certification and that use ingredients sourced from environments with minimal air, water and soil pollution.2

Guardians of good

New Zealand’s stringent food-hygiene standards and advanced food and packaging technologies deliver some of the highest-quality, fully traceable and sustainably produced products for people seeking pure, innovative and healthy packaged foods that are also planet-friendly.

Brands likeJoiy offer Australians an antidote to the ordinary wine drinking experience. In addition to their seriously good wines, Joiy are reducing their carbon footprint from vineyard to shelf. Bottling their wines in cans not only uses less energy to produce, ship, store and chill, but the cans are infinitely recyclable too.

Proper good sustainable packaging

Proper Crisps was the first New Zealand snack company to introduce home compostable chip packets to house their best-in-class ingredients and unique flavours.

As the company moves towards zero waste packaging made from a blend of GMO-free corn sugars and wood pulp decomposes in under 12 months. So innovative was their packaging solution, that Proper Crisps was inducted into the Nelson Museum Food Hall of Fame.

PG young at heart

Feel good food

From humble beginnings as a seasonal cake company in 1997, pure delish has grown to be one of New Zealand’s leading producers of handcrafted breakfast cereals and snacks made from 100% New Zealand ingredients.

“People want to feel good about the products they are choosing. They want to know where their food comes from, how the company treats its workers, and what they are doing to support the local community and the environment.”

Jodi Reddell

General Manager - Pure Delish

And pure delish helps people feel better about the choices they are making. Each day, the team strives to be better. From hand-sorting each ingredient for quality and freshness and helping its people grow and upskill, to supporting the Forest Lifeforce Restoration Trust looking after endangered New Zealand flora and fauna, each aspect of the business seeks to honour and protect the majestic bounty the land and its people offer up for the world to enjoy.

Sustainable packaging soars to new heights

The Weka may be a flightless bird that inhabits the New Zealand archipelago, but the The Crafty Weka Bar has certainly defied its namesake, soaring to lofty heights since the company was founded four years ago.

With 30 years’ food manufacturing experience under their belt, The Crafty Weka Bar’s founders David and Claire batch produce tantalising snack bars using only real, clean ingredients, including locally sourced 100% natural sugars.

But it’s not just the real ingredients they are proud of. You eat the bar, and nature eats the box and bio-cellulose wrapper.

New Zealand’s producers highlight the extraordinary lengths they are going to in order to protect the environment now, and for future generations. Make an enquiry today.