Low alcohol wine hero
5 MIN|11 Jul 2022|Wine

Low & no alcohol wines with no compromise

5 MIN|11 Jul 2022|Wine

Low & no alcohol wines with no compromise

Low alcohol wine hero
How low can you go?

There’s a multitude of reasons why any of us reach for a low or no alcohol wine. But comprising on flavour, craftsmanship and quality isn’t one of them.

That’s why in New Zealand, when it comes to low or no alcohol wines, we’re committed to producing low or no alcohol wines as flavoursome and well-crafted as any full alcohol wines.

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0% alcohol, 100% wine

Many years ago, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc put New Zealand wine on the map. And it’s continuing to do the same when it comes to 0% alcohol wines.

Leading the charge is Giesen. Sparked by a workplace focus on health and wellbeing, in 2020 Giesen launched the world’s first alcohol-removed New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. They’ve since introduced more wines to their 0% range, including a Pinot Gris, Rosé and Merlot.

Giesen’s 0% range is produced using innovative "spinning cone" technology, often used in perfume making. Through this process, the alcohol and aroma are separated and once the alcohol has been removed, the delicately distilled aroma is re-added. This advanced form of distillation allows the wine to be handled gently to maintain the integrity of Giesen’s distinctive flavour palate and texture throughout the process. Plus they conduct vigorous taste-testing to ensure the final product has great mouth-feel and flavour.

It's this care and attention, that means you can be reassured that every glass of Giesen’s 0% wines are as easy to drink and every bit as flavoursome as their alcoholic counterparts.

Giesen’s 0% premium Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has all the characteristics you’d expect from this world-renowned wine region, with delicate aromas of fresh lime, redcurrant and lemon shortbread. It’s light, fresh, and invigorating and perfect any time.

Low alcohol, great taste

Villa Maria has a global reputation for producing high quality wines that consumers can readily enjoy.

Knowing that many people are increasingly looking for alternatives to full alcohol wines, Villa Maria set out produce a range that was naturally lighter in alcohol but did not compromise on taste and quality.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done. Their Private Bin Lighter range offers lifestyle conscious consumers an alternative in terms of alcohol and calories but made without compromising on taste. Villa Maria’s approach is to take high quality grapes from some of their best vineyard sites, pick them early and combine with carefully selected yeasts and some extended skin contact to absorb a bit more flavour.

The result is a range that offers the wonderful flavours you’d expect from a Marlborough Sauvignon Banc, a Gisborne Pinot Gris or an East Coast Rosé. All with an alcohol content of just 9.5%.

Villa Maria’s Lighter in Alcohol Rosé is made from early ripening Pinot Noir grapes that express ripe flavours at lower sugar levels. The fruit is gently handled and fermented at cool temperatures to ensure bright aromatics and fresh fruit flavours, without compromising the palate weight, texture and length. The result is a wine with fresh, red berry fruits and floral aromas and a delicately balanced, smooth and refreshing palate. Just perfect served chilled on a summer’s day.

With low and no alcohol wines increasing in popularity, New Zealand has plenty of options for you to to serve up, kia ora! Make an enquiry today.

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