Article - wine right next door
5 MIN|11 Jul 2022|Wine

Young, vibrant and right next door

5 MIN|11 Jul 2022|Wine

Young, vibrant and right next door

Article - wine right next door

While the first grape vines were planted here 200 years ago, and the first wines produced not long after, it was really only around over 40 years ago that commercial production started.

But while we may be a New World player in amongst Old World legends, our wine is certainly no wall flower. It’s captured the attention of consumers and connoisseurs the world over, and dominated international competitions year after year.

The proximity of New Zealand vineyards to the ocean (no place is more than 120km from the sea) has a pronounced effect on the character of our wines. Mild, sunny summers and marked differences between day and night time temperatures in many regions slow the ripening of the grapes and allow them to develop pure, intense varietal flavours.

Whether you’re after a fresh, crisp textured white or a spicy elegant red, we’ve got a wine to suit everyone’s palate. And for our Australian friends, the good news is it doesn’t have to travel too far. You could say we’re almost local.

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Superstar Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc was the first wine to put New Zealand on the wine map, developing a cult following with millions around the world. More than 30 years later, it remains a superstar.

Exuberant, fresh, intense, pungently aromatic, unique – whatever words you use, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has set the international benchmark for this style of wine.

More of our Sauvignon Blanc is grown in Marlborough than anywhere else. It’s here where there’s low rainfall, consistently high sunshine hours, and longer, cooler growing conditions that promotes stronger, more vibrant fruit flavours and higher acidity levels that results in wines that are more pungent, and crisper, with passionfruit and other tropical fruit flavours, red pepper (capsicum) and gooseberry characters. It’s a striking contrast to Sauvignon Blanc from further north where warmer, milder growing conditions result in riper and richer styles, with melon, nectarine and other stone fruit flavours.

On its own, Sauvignon Blanc is a mouth-watering aperitif, especially on a bright summer's day. Its zing is a perfect complement to the fresh flavours of seafood, and is an ideal match for more tangy foods, such as tomatoes or vinegar-based dressings.

Fresh, crisp, textured whites

Sauvignon Blanc may have been our claim to fame, but New Zealand also excels in the production of an increasing range of other white wines from Chardonnay to Riesling and Gewürztraminer.

Refined and fruit-driven, New Zealand Chardonnay is mouth-filling, with concentrated citrus and bright tropical fruit flavours. It’s a wine that strongly reflects our unique terroir, and ranges from fruit-driven and unoaked, to luscious examples with complexity, elegance, and a touch of oak. Perfect with full flavoured savoury dishes such as chicken, or veal, and simply sublime alongside a dessert of apple and pear crumble.

Or perhaps you’d prefer a fresh and full-flavoured New Zealand Pinot Gris, with notes of apple, pear, honeysuckle, and spice. Grown throughout the country, the warmer North Island climate tends to create ripe, fat, oily styles whilst the cooler South Island produces tighter wines with great structure.

A handful of dedicated and passionate producers in New Zealand have gone down a different path, harnessing the complex and generous Gewürztraminer grape. With a smooth texture and subtle acidity, New Zealand gewürztraminer is extremely fragrant and comes with a bold personality. It’s a food-friendly wine suited to a wide range of cuisines. Perfect when you’re looking for something a little different.

A hint of pink

Reminiscent of a beautiful summer’s day, New Zealand Rosé comes in a rainbow of pink hues, from palest salmon to deep watermelon. Light-bodied, fruit-focused and just off-dry in style, our Rosé styles and hues come from all our wine regions.

Offering both still and sparkling, there’s a New Zealand Rosé to suit most food types and occasions, and while well suited to frivolity, they can also offer substance and sophistication.

Spicy, elegant reds

In contrast to the crisp, light whites, New Zealand also offers a range of reds for every taste.

Intense, expressive, and fruit-driven, the notoriously fickle Pinot Noir grape has found a home away from home in New Zealand. More specifically, it’s found a home in the cooler southerly regions of Wairarapa, Marlborough, Nelson, North Canterbury and Central Otago. There’s huge diversity in climates and soils across these regions, but in every New Zealand Pinot Noir you’ll find a structure and elegance overlaid by power and fruit-driven intensity. When it comes to pairing with food, pinot noir is almost the perfect match. It’s light enough for salmon or chicken, but complex enough to complement richer red or game meats.

Elegant, yet powerfully intense, our Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blends are predominantly grown in the warmer regions of the North Island. Here you’ll find merlot-based reds are rich and plummy in their youth, acquiring complex characters with age, and

Cabernet Sauvignons that display classic blackcurrant and spice flavours, often with a touch of mint.

And then there’s our Syrah. With its bright, spicy flavours and elegant texture, you’ll instantly appreciate the intense varietal distinctiveness of New Zealand Syrah, that some say is akin to the elegant Northern Rhône style, crammed full of plum and savoury black pepper flavours, and sometimes even a hint of violets. A true New World take on an Old World style.

With so much choice it’s great to know you don’t have to go far to stock up on such a variety of wines, and without delay. Make an enquiry today.

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